one on one brain training
We are ready to help you or
some one you love

We personalise brain training programs to strengthen the skills critical for learning and performance.

When learning is easier, Life is better. 

BrainRx training is life changing for:

​✓ Struggling students who want to keep up in class

✓ Students and teens with ADHD and Dyslexia 

✓ Successful students who want an edge 

✓Athletes and Adults who want to think and react quicker  

Strengthen your Brain skills in 3 steps

1. Cognitive Assessment

The assessment identifies the weak skills that are holding you back.

2. Consultation

The assessment result gives valuable insight into the 'why' behind the struggles you or your loved one is experiencing. 

3. One on one brain training

Now we target and strengthen those weak skills identified in the assessment with fun and challenging brain exercises with your own BrainRx trainer.